About Emailssary

Crafting email templates for a new company is a boring work that sometimes can consume a lot of time and resources. Most transactional email providers include authoring tools in their solutions leaving the creative work to the users.

The problem Emailssary solves arises from the difficulty for some companies to iterate fast on their communication requirements around email template authoring. We want you to focus on your company, leave the email templating requirements to us.

This is a developer oriented service, built by developers who love to iterate fast. Hope you like it also.

We have lots of nice features on our roadmap. Including but not limited to:

  • More standard template types
  • Custom template types
  • Template themes, based on emails successful startups already use to reach millions of users
  • Customized template themes
  • Direct Email Provider integration
  • Multi-environments templates deployment

We invite you to check our service and if you need some especial feature or support don't hesitate to contact us.

Built with ❤️ in San Francisco, CA.